"la mere des civilizations".

la ceinture proto-negroide : diaspora africaine en amerique .
la face cachee de la 3eme branche de l'Art Africain de notre epoque


statuettes and statues of Olmec Civilization:

"Ce qui m'a frappe le plus, etait le physique negre qu'elle represente..." Melgar y Serrano



a.Colossal Head - San Lorenzo, Veracruz, Mexico c.1200 B.C.
The most famous and impressive of the hundreds of stone monuments and portable art objects left by the Olmecs - sometimes called the "mother civilization" of ancient Mexico - are the Colossal Head... It should be firmy stated that all speculation regarding "African" features and hence an ancient African affiliation of these monolithic effigies must be consigned to the realm of fantasy.
(p.14 in Pre-Columbian Art of Mexico, J.L. Furst -1980)

b. Kneeling Muscular Figure with Beard - La Lima, Ulua Valley, Honduras
...What impressed me the most was the Ethiopian physical type it represents; I reflected that undoubtedly Negroes had been in this country and this had been in the earliest times of the world: that head was not important for the Mexican archeology, but also forthe world in general.

(p.29 quote of Melgar y Serrano 1869 - in Olmec Art of Ancient Mexico, Richard Diehl)

Amerique du Nord

Columbie Britannique: sculpture nisga'a
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