Kingdom of Sheba.
Ancient Ethiopia: before the sheba peninsula became arabic.
H.R. Haile Selassie Early Literacy Ethiopian Faces

Negus Haile SElassie

City of Shibam: the Manhattan of the Desert



Ethiopians fromMa'rib
Reference Book
"There never was a Queen like Balkis,
From here to the wide world's end;
But Balkis talked to a butterfly,
As you would talk to a friend."

(Rudyard Kipling)
Kingdom of Sheba (Ancient Ethiopia)

MAhram Bilkis Necropolis


sirwah:east wall, Temple of 'Ilumqah Shabwa Palace
Ma'arib:the Mahram Bilqis Medieval German Manuscript Ma'arib: The Moon Temple

Sheba and Solomon

Part Two: How did the Unity with the Main Land occur? Aksum! NEXT
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African Arch II :
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