Iakov Georgievich CHERNIKHOV (1889-1951)
The Construction of Architectural and Machine Forms
La Construction des Formes-Machine en Architecture

Combination of Curves Bodies Combination of Curved Surfaces


Combinaison de Formes Courbes Combinaison de Surfaces Courbes  

combination of curves & straight lines

combinaison de lignes courbes et droites

an axometric representation of a complex constructively assembled and functionally planned factory building.

une axometrie representant un complexe ensemble constructif and functionnellement plannifie pour une usine


The Laws of Construction

Les Regles de Construction


1. Fantasy and construction: I. Chernikhov'sapproach to architectural design -Catherine Cooke, AD Profile #55-1984.
2. Iakov Chernikov: What lies behind fantasies?
-Catherine Cooke, in AD 11/12-1982.
Exhibition designed by C.Cooke
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