Ivan Il'ich LEONIDOV (1902-1959)
the suprematist inspired spatial plannings/le suprematiste qui inspira le planning spatial:
works regarded as some of the highest achievements of archi suprematist constructivism
travaux consideres comme le summum des realisations architecturales du supremato- constructivisme

Tsentrosoiuz Building, Moscow -1928, Competition Project
1.sports pavilion 2.commissariat of heavy industry 3.printing house for the izvetiia

1. pavillon des sports
2.commissariat de l'industrie lourde
3.imprimerie pour les izvetiia
Suprematist Basis of the Planning
Base Suprematiste du Planning
Sov-kinoFilmProductionComplex-Moscow, 1927
The Lenin Institut of Leadership - Mosc 1927 Combination of Masses and Lines
a clear stress on the separeness of the building functional and structural elements. a sharpy dynamic juxtaposition of forms in the 3-mutually perpendicular directions. the volumes and forms are geometrically simple, but their complex inter-relationships of contrasts and levels produced an architectural composition of rare refinement.
un articulation nette de la separation des composantes fonctionnelles et structurelles du batiment. un juxtaposition concise et dynamique des formes of forms dans les 3 directions spatiales. les volumes et les formes sont geometriquement simples, mais les complexes inter-relations des contrastes et des niveaux produisent une composition architecturale d'un rare rafinement.

Musical Composition & Architectural Fantasy Combination of Masses and Lines

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