Bernard Tschumi

Combinations of FoliesCombination Model
Principle of Lines
points lines surfaces

a specific aim: to prove that it is possible to construct a complex architectural organization without resorting to traditional rules of composition, hierarchy and order.

Exploded FolieFolie UnitGallery
 the principle of superimposition of three autonomous systems of points, lines and surfaces was developed by rejecting the totalizing synthesis of objective constraints evident in the majority of large-scale projects... the parc became architecture against itself: a dis-integration.
  architectonic and volumetric configurations



  the project manipulates numerous elements, from art gallery to a science museum, from a rock concert hall to performance workshops, which reciprocate by creatively structuring the whole.
cinegram folie: le parc de la villette - paris
through the prototypes of the constructivists
It is an attempt to make planning usefully unplanned. It is a superb example of a socio-creative philosophy of the future in action, of art as open-ended social planning.

another goal: to displace the traditional opposition between program and architecture, and to deconstruct architecture by dismantling its conventions, by using concepts derived from both architecture and from elsewhere - from cinema, literary criticism and other displines. Historical Precedent:1929
1929: desurbanist proposal - russia
abstracts from cinegram folie by new designs - Butterworth Architecture. LINKS: