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Search Engines
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Yahoo Search Engine - This is one of the top search engines. Moderated, it takes submitted URL/Web Sites and critiques them for quality and content to prevent a glut of repetition in pages. A Definite Must!

Lycos - Another Fabulous search engine, Lycos allows for a little broader search in the Internet. Not quite as Exclusive as Yahoo, Lycos will provide a broader, but less moderated pool of Sites.

Web Crawler - The best in detailed and thorough searching, I find Web Crawler to be the primo engine. It isn't as exclusive as Yahoo or Lycos, but it will search a much bigger realm of materials.

Search the web and show for results

Example: diving swimming NOT (pool OR "hot tub")   Search tips

Excite - Another nice, rather extensive searching engine that has
come out over the last few years.

Alta Vista - it is also a Top Notch Engine, providing a 
wonderful interface of drop down selections for searching.

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