Archetype of Cosmobiology: the art of portrait of the persona.
(the way our physionomic look is handled in society).
1. la notion de personne en afrique noire- colloques du CNRS 1971 PARIS - ISBN 0-8419-0890-7

2. papyrus - number three: Mimesis - Nok Terracotta

Cosmobiology and Person:
the tradition of Komo

The person and the personage

The Notion of person
The conception of human being is based on the cosmobiological relations, establishing correlations between astronomy, numbers and the person. The table of numbers constitutes one of the fundamental basis of philosophy, mathematics and geomancy in Africa. The key to the individual reality resides in the set of relationships which connects man to the various constitutive principles of the cosmos and the entire network of social relations.

Number Table at the Beginning of the Creation: Sumangolo - to reveal the essence of a person - the fundamentals of philosophy, mathematics, and geomancy in the Sudan Area. 33 is the barycenter symbolising 33 lunar years, 78 symbolises the lunar years period of Halleys Comet.

The question of portrait
The portrait is a representation of the individual. The notion of portrait leads to distinguish the physionomic identity from the social identity. The cultural modifications of the natural body figures like the intermediary between the physionomic features and the attribute.
Observe that the art of Benin is considered to be an offspring of the art of Nok centuries later.

A Way to Represent

The analysis of the african statutory permits to understand better and better the philosophy of the being, this social being, thinking, talking, acting.

To learn more... check out : "la notion de personne en afrique noire / colloques internat. - cnrs - #544, 1973

"figure executee sur un autel de masques representant la tete d'un silure: a l'interieur les dessins connotent les granelures de la peau et egalement evoquent diverses etapes de lacreation du silure, image du foetus humain."

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