El Anatsui:

Visual Incantations in Wood

transformation of this worthless and rejected object into art.

toymu/graphics yala/symbol tonu/concept bummo/primitive

Adinsibuli Stood Tall, 1995

"When I last wrote you about Africa/I used a letter-headed parchment paper/There were many blank slots in the letter.../I can now fill some of these slots because.../I have grown older."
'El Anatsui: Visual Incantations in Wood'

Tapper, 1995

the taking of an hollow-out tree-trunk of a palm tree and its transformation of this worthless and rejected object into art gives an insight into Anatsui's ways of working

  Mixed media, wood, raffia, palm fibre & cloth.

Height 183 cm,Width 60cm

Unfolding the Scroll of History II,1994 the red, blue and yellow painted marks picking out and illuminating the various motifs engraved in the wood represented traditional African cultures that have been maintained and transmitted from the ancient times of the ancestors down through successive generations to the present At the Ancestors Conference II, 1995



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