Rational Aesthetics + Rational Architecture = 'Ratio-Architecture'

Ladovsky's Teaching Method: 1. use creative imagination to generate innovative architectural ideas.
2. develop an understanding of space and shape.

make student become familiar with basic varieties of spatial forms, surfaces, volumes, confined spaces as well as means of architectural composition: proportion, rhythm, colour, dynamics. elucidate geometrical features of shapes: properties, dynamism, rhythm, description of volume and space.

The Rationalists approach form in terms of the objective laws of perception. Basic factors governing the generation of form: (in order) SPACE -FORM - CONSTRUCTION.

"The taste of design involves more than a mere external reflection of its internal purpose; it also involves the creation of an image. The new architecture would be marked by the use of simple solid forms, and therefore methods need to be evolved whereby the geometrical characteristics of each solid could be hightlighted by architectural means. The architect should be able to stimulate the spectator's imagination through the conjunction of clearly intelligible forms."

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