Napatan, Meroitic, Christian Periods



nile valley arch :: the monumental architecture of kush .
Kushite Rules of Proportion:
"Reliefs made under the Kushite Dynasty are unique in the way they capture the African physionognomy of the new ruling group, full faces and prominent lips.
The bones and musculation of the body, in particular the legs, tend to be indicated by what are virtually incised lines rather than modeling, a technique probably occasioned by the shallowness that characterizes many Kushite Reliefs."

the meroitic cities "must have been the Birmingham of the Ancient Africa; the smoke of its iron furnaces... continually going up to heaven, and the whole of northern Africa might have been supplied by it with implements of iron."

The Great Enclosure at Musawwarat es-Sufra is "an elaborate complex of temples, plazas, corridors, and ramps unparallel elsewhere in the world"(NGS).

The missing head of this pyramid (now in the National Museum at Khartoum)- to represent the deseased - is considered as one of the finest and most unusual of Meroitic sculptures.

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Elliptic Arch: Zimbabwe African Arch
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