Vladimir Feodorovich KRINSKY (1890-1971)
Rationalism: : The Scientific Discipline is to Think in Space
rationalisme: : la conception de l'espace doit devenir une discipline scientifique
The theory of abstract form is for consideration as a discipline of spatial thinking and points to the way of solving real problems.


Construction - in the sense of the configuration of a building - incorporates material. I regard a well-defined construction as one that involves the configuration as a whole, while the combination and arrangement of supports represents composition. The construction and direction of forces, on the other hand, represents construction.
The constructive principle can be traced in composition as the essence of design.
In painting, composition lies along the path to the liberation from representation and turns to construction for the basic answer: that is why it is difficult to separate composition from construction in painting (and sculpture).
In architecture, construction isinevitably present asatechnical andmechanical basis - the very basis of composition. Construction implies a movement of force, or a direction, which is schematically expressed by lines...


'Form is an invention, not a cult. Its value is proved in action.' Living Architecture consists of creating the present. And the architect has one weapon in his creative art -form... Our understanding of form depends upon some of its particular qualities... Line, plane and geometrical surface are eternel. They represent the laws of our thought in perception... The problem of perception of form in architecture, sculpture and painting comes down to a perception of space. The aim of abstract form is purely theoretical. It is the theory of form in generalized terms. The scientific discipline is to think in space. One cannot apply abstract form to reality, or utilize it. A cube, a cylinder or a cone are not forms, but concepts by means of which we resolve a given form. 'Form is an invention, not a cult. Its value is proved in action.'

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