the first african diaspora
Young Girl Adamanese Youngsters - Scient.American-June1999 South-Indian Male
sharing the legacy of the african roots and early history

Streets of Lower City

Natl Geo-October1999: Secrets of Gene a Yakshi-3000BC: ancient fertility deity.
Bodhisattva bathing in the Nairanjana: 70 B.C. A Yakshi adorns the doorway of the Great Stupa: 1st century B.C. Pillar with aYakshi: 2nd century A.C.

a Yakshi is a deity (incorporeted into the Buddhist creed) who makes trees blossom. A continuation of a cultural heritage begun at Mohenjo-Daro?

Citadel's Great Bath

chess game

mohenjo-citadel and harappa : head-cities of indus civilization
more than 2000 sculptures and square seals found and not deciphered yet.
1. sculptures: afrique . asie . oceanie . ameriques by jacques kerchache.
2. Eastern Asia and Classical Greece - Vol2 - J.M. Roberts

3. Papyrus - Investigation on African Diaspora Art & Architecture.
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