De Stijl

Neo-Plasticism:: Absolute Abstraction: Roots and Rules of De Stijl.
C. van Esteren
made axonometry
the tool of representation.
T. van Doesburg
the spirit of architecture
prevails upon painting
G. Rietveld
designed the Schroder
House in Utrecht
Rietveld-Schroder House, Utrecht 1924. Rietveld, working with building materials which possess physical weight, makes them weightless, so that new interrelati-onships can be established and the new aims be achie-ved.These seem tobe a sort of objective compo-sition of planes and lines.The space is exploited to the full. The idea underlying the design of the house culminates in the glass-enclosed corner of the living story.
Thanks to the open corner, you are not, when inside,separated from the outside world, you are in the middle of it. H. Hertzberger
Axonometric Rietveld:SchroderHouse,1923
Baljeu/vanWoerkom:FamilyHouse Hejduk:ProjectA,House1967 Eisenman:HouseIII1970 Schroder's Corner
The Schroder House Views

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