zoe zenghelis, matta-clark

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zoe zenghelis
paysage urbain ,1983 batiments dans le clair de lune,1987 mer silencieuse ,1989

Deconstruction Deconstructed by John Griffiths
'The archeology of our thinking demonstrates clearly that man is a recent invention. Perhaps also his approaching end'.
(M. Foucault, Les mots et les choses).
'I do not believe in things but in relations between things'(Braque). Braque's and Picasso's Cubist wrestling with form to the point where it so predominates that the illusion of artist's and observer's existence is all but cancelled, and the work itself seems self-sufficent as an interactivity of elements whose kinship to anything real has long been systematically eroded.
The Deconstructor scrutinises the paradoxes of 'parergonal logic'. He or she detects 'frame slippage': those moments when aspects of the signified move over to become parts of the signifier; when content fragments into form;and so on.
Gaham's work is "Deconstructionist' because it deliberately presents then complicates and fracturesa meaning or set of meanings. It does this to disclose the possibility of a desirable basic meaning, but one which is never reached in the creation or 'active contemplation' of the work...
The Deconstructionist avant la lettre is therefore Marcel Duchamp, whose The Bride Stripped Bare by ner Bachelors Even (1915-23). Duchamp's enigmatic retirement from art has been vastly dangerous to all clean-cut Modernism.

The Bride Stripped Bare by ner Bachelors Even(1915-23)
gordon matta-clark

office baroque,1977

francis bacon: etude du portrait de john edwards,1986 splitting I &II,1974 and david salle: douche de courage,1985
Pictures and Text drawn from : 3. Deconstruction - Omnibus Volume by Papadakis, Cooke & Benjamin

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