private show:
a juried exhibition
part One
private show:
a juried exhibition in print
international competition

sponsored by the international review of african american art.
Artist Selected Works
Shahar Weaver Making her way,1998CosmicSisters,1998
Robin Chandler

Murry Despillars

Queens of the Baaskap,1995Wynton,1999
Sharon Barnes

Joseph Holston

Paul Houzell

GardensBeneath,1997Night Dreaming,1995AfricanWoman'sReflection,1998
Paul Houzell

Joseph Smith

Chuck Berry:Nadine,199Woman in Straw Hat,1999
IRAAA: Issues of Race and Originality "Many black artists are caught in their own nostalgia and mythology about what art by black artists should be about... Africanizing of imagery by people, many of whom have never been in Africa, they are choosing imagery that has already been overworked."
by Leslie King-Hammond, dean of graduate studies, Maryland Institute College of Art